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Shocking! 10 brands that still test on animals

Prepare to be heartbroken! I feel like I am spoiling the best show on TV but it has to be said. With a broken heart here are some beauty brands that still test on animals and apparently don’t care for changing their policies about it. Say what? ¡Prepárense para un corazón roto! ¡el dolor! ¡la […] Read more…

5 non toxic nail polish brands to fall in love with

We live in a world where our fingers are daily subjected to sketchy/outright toxic ingredients, but how? you ask. Well, everytime we get a mani-pedi. shocking! I know, but we never really think of the stuff products we use every day are made of like formaldehyde (yes, the stuff they use to preserve dead bodies) and a […] Read more…

Vintage, second hand or retro?

Just like organic and natural food stores the vintage clothing stores are multiplying. Maybe it seems like a trend now a days, but they have been always there maybe we were just not paying attention. Así como las tiendas orgánicas y de productos artesanales las cantidades de tiendas de ropa vintage aumentan cada vez más. […] Read more…

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