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Appreciate talented and beautiful people, learn with us how to take care of other and ourselves people and enjoy the little but full of love gifts we have for you.

9 struggles of becoming ethical.

1. When going to the mall. Ahhh pretty things! Pretty things! EVERYWHERE! And on sale!  MUST RESIST TEMPTATION. 1. Cuando vas al centro comercial. ¡veo cosas bonitas! ¡veo cosas bonitas! ¡POR TODOS LADOS! y ¡en especial! DEBO RESISTIR. 2. Pretty much every time you realize you can no longer go on shopping sprees (well you could if […] Read more…

Vintage, second hand or retro?

Just like organic and natural food stores the vintage clothing stores are multiplying. Maybe it seems like a trend now a days, but they have been always there maybe we were just not paying attention. Así como las tiendas orgánicas y de productos artesanales las cantidades de tiendas de ropa vintage aumentan cada vez más. […] Read more…

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