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Listen to a different and inspirational song every day and new releases of great bands, know about what this artists have to say, check out our opinions about an specific album or concert and get inspired with our situational playlists. / Escucha a diferentes e inspiracionales canciones todos los días y los nuevos lanzamientos de estas bandas, conoce lo que estos artistas tienen que decir y ve nuestra opinión sobre un álbum o concierto específico.


Music has been a way of connecting with ourselves and with others, maybe music will not change the world but it can change the world for one person. Artists are capable of gathering millions of people that have one thing in common: their music. There they are thousands of people moving their bodies and singing […] Read more…


EN- The day to celebrate love and friendship is coming and no matter what your plan is: maybe you will have a romantic date, or going out with your friends, or watching Bridget Jones and eat a bucket of ice cream all by yourself one thing is for sure, you have to have the perfect […] Read more…

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